Our Programs

Through our programs, B.I.R.D. Ministries provides much needed support both to women in prison and those who have recently been released.

womeninprison11 Pre-Release Education and Support

Pre-Release Education and Support

We believe that a change in a person's behavior begins in the heart. Without a moral and spiritual change of the heart, our clients will likely return to the life they knew before they were incarcerated, one that will lead to additional criminal activities. Our training materials and workshops are based on biblical principles and examples. Our materials combine both the spiritual and practical to present a balanced approach to life; one that encourages the women to seek not only practical growth, but also spiritual and emotional growth that will come from a close relationship with God.

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993 Aftercare Services and Support

Aftercare Services and Support

Upon release, aftercare services offer both supportive relationships and referrals for needed services through a network of resources - from social service agencies to faith-based ministries and churches. Services include housing assistance, employment counseling, transportation, continuing education, drug and alcohol treatment and counseling. Many of the woman struggle with low self worth, depression or other mental health issues, addictions, physical, emotional or sexual abuse, and an array of behaviors and life issues that keep them in a cycle of failure and despair. Providing the women with the wraparound of essential services and the love, care and nurture they need is a key part of aftercare. 

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