Our Programs

Through our programs, B.I.R.D. Ministries provides much needed support both to women in prison and those who have recently been released.

Pre-Release Education and Support

Prison.PNG Pre-Release Education and Support

We believe that a change in a person's behavior begins in the heart. Without a moral and spiritual change of the heart, our clients will likely return to the life they knew before they were incarcerated, one that will lead to additional criminal activities.

We are providing Life Recovery Bibles and workbooks to participants in our Life Recovery Groups at LCP. These groups offer the spiritual principles that can bring a deeper and richer understanding of individual life addictions and struggles. Group participants hear the consistent life-changing message of God’s love, acceptance, and personal value regardless of their past. Our materials combine both the spiritual and practical to present a balanced approach to life; one that encourages not only practical growth but also spiritual and emotional growth that will come from a close relationship with God.

Volunteer Spiritual Advisor is another connection to working with inmates at Lancaster County Prison. A Spiritual Advisor is connected through the Chaplains office with an inmate who has requested an advisor. The meeting can be once a week and offers the inmate the opportunity to study the Bible and be encouraged in life, relationships, and healing. We offer training to volunteers interested in volunteering as Spiritual Advisors. For more information call 717-917-8071 or email

Promoting Life Recovery Through Community Partnerships

Partnerships.PNG Promoting Life Recovery Through Community Partnerships

Promoting a culture of recovery within the faith community is a key to addiction recovery and healing in our communities. We are partnering with churches and ministries to bring awareness of the need. This includes helping to build a bridge for easier access to safe places of healing and support for those in need.

These partnerships also offer addiction and individual counseling, Bible studies, workshops, small groups, individualized community services, encouragement, and support.

In our meetings with other ministries, this call to help build a culture of recovery in the faith community is on many hearts When faced with what seems like an impossible situation we are to connect with “our neighbors”, represented by local ministries, churches, Pastors, individuals, and volunteers. We are inviting them to join us bringing what they have and asking God to strengthen us together in a powerful new way. We believe as we come together with “our neighbors” arm and arm in faith with the belief that all things are possible with God, we will see His divine plan and strategy.

Aftercare Services and Support

Many of the woman struggle with low self-worth, depression or other mental health issues, addictions, physical, emotional or sexual abuse, and an array of behaviors and life issues that keep them in a cycle of failure and despair.

Upon release, aftercare services offer both supportive relationships and referrals for needed services through a network of resources - from social service agencies to faith-based ministries and churches. Through community partnerships we are able to offer a range of services that include:
- Drug and Alcohol Evaluations
- Addiction and individual counseling
- Small groups and Bible studies
- Recovery Training workshops
- Housing assistance, employment counseling, transportation, continuing education.
Providing the women with the wraparound of essential services and the love, care and nurture they need is a key part of aftercare.

New Beginnings Support Group

Call or email for more information on meeting times and dates.

New Beginnings Support Group “A New Life Spiritual Journey" is a Christ-centered safe, nurturing and accepting environment in which to study and grow in God’s word while working through the 12 steps and learning the spiritual disciplines associated with recovery. Members encourage and nurture one another while sharing individual struggles and victories. We strive to build strong supportive relationships with family, church, and community.

Women Walking With Women

Women.PNG Women Walking With Women

A key element of our Aftercare Support is the new people, new places, and new things. We look for ways to connect the women to positive relationships with other women who can offer them encouragement, acceptance, and accountability. These relationships often grow into long-term life-changing experiences for the women. Women are valuable and called to many roles in life; wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, employee, and teacher of their children. Women walking with other women as positive role models can become a valuable relationship that teaches, guides, encourages, and nurtures.

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