Pre-Release Education and Support

998 Pre-Release Education and Support

Our pre-release classes and groups offer the women the opportunity to hear the truth of God's word and learn how to apply it in their lives , spiritually and practically. Pre-Release Education and Support gives the women the opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding of who they are in Christ while preparing for re-entry into their families and communities.

Life Skills Education:

  • learn that they are valued and loved by God, regardless of their past;
  • focus on the basic and fundamental issues of self image and value;
  • develop life skills critical to successful re-entry and growth.

Small Group Connections

  • finding freedom from guilt and shame through sharing our "stories";
  • discovering the power of confession and truth in our lives;
  • taking captive the painful events of our lives to maximize our futures.

Pre-Release One on One Counseling

  • to prepare the women for reentry to their families and communities;
  • develop a written plan that details their individual reentry goals and how they plan to reach them;
  • discover their personal aspirations and dreams.